Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH

Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH is an enterprise which builds on in-depth core competencies to respond to our customers specific and generic requirements with concepts and solutions that are both innovative and future-oriented.

Fields of competence

  • Measurement systems for network analyzers from hot S-parameter test to nonlinear multi-port S-parameter measurements
  • Transceivers: from wired up to UWB solutions
  • Generators: standard synthesizers, pattern-, noise-, comb-, and high-power-plasma generators
  • Components: broad-band antenna and 2.45GHz amplifiers: 100W, 200W and higher
  • Microwave plasmas at 2.45GHz for different applications: Lamps, spark plugs, cleaning
  • Microwave security systems from a microwave gate to a microwave scanner
  • Microwave lap-timing systems from low cost to high-end


Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH (HHF) is a spinn-off of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, founded 2008. The experience and know-how of the department of high-frequency technology of Prof. Heuermann builds the ground of the novel products of HHF.


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